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Decorating Your Condo in Style

The real estate landscape in Saskatoon has changed dramatically over the last few years with many more people choosing to purchase a condo or townhome. Whether you are a first time home buyer or have made a choice to downsize and reduce your square footage, the decorating challenge remains the same, functional, comfortable furniture pieces without having to sacrifice style.

The first and most important step before you venture out to shop is to arm yourself with every measurement you can think of. Measuring the floor space is crucial but be sure to include doorways, ceiling heights, hallways both inside your home and outside in the public areas of the building as well. Note any tight turns, staircases and even check the elevator as sometimes the ceiling height can pose a problem.

When selecting furniture, look for modular furniture pieces and items with built in storage. An emphasis on items with less bulk and clean lines will help to reduce visual overload. A carefully chosen color scheme that flows from one space to another expands the space. Visual interest is important even in the smallest of homes, particularly those lacking architectural details. The perfect accessory pieces will add character, but be sure to reduce clutter by displaying fewer items, choosing only those with more drama and high impact.

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