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EQ3 Insider Event on NOW!

EQ3 Insider Event is on NOW at Palliser Rooms/EQ3! Save 20% on our entire EQ3 Gallery until July 29th. Come visit us at 2125 Faithful Ave and support your local furniture store. Try out some of our great EQ3 styles soon, before the sale ends! 

Stressless Max & Mike

Stressless' new Max and Mike recliners introduce Stressless' new innovative technology allowing you to increase your comfort and save on space. Now is the time to save money on these fantastic chairs with the Stressless Instant Rebate Promo is on till August 2nd. For every $1000 spent on qualified seating you get $100 back.

The Max and Mike recliners are slim and compact in style compared to other Stressless chairs. The master control button adjusts back, lumbar, and head support in one synchronized movement. You can also make independent adjustments to the headrest, lumber, back, and footrest according to your preferences. Both recliners have 360 degree swivel and rocking movement. A specialty feature locks the glide motion as the footrest opens. 

Stressless Max showcases a modern design with supple, voluminous shapes. Not only does it look modern but it also contains the new, innovative technology required to acquire maximum comfort

Stressless Mike has rounded shapes and details that enhances the soft lines of the clean and contemporary cushion design. Underneath it all lies the functionality that assists you in finding the prime position for maximum comfort. 

The control panel is found on the right armrest which includes four built in motors operating the headrest, lumber and back, and footrest. In addition to that, Stressless is now introducing a new upgraded Stressless Plus system. You can predefine a specific position and return to it at any time using only one button. 

Both recliners are available in sizes small, medium, and large. Additionally, the swivel base is offered in four heights for the perfect fit. You can customize the Max and Mike recliners to fit perfectly into your space with the 9 different options on the base and 32 different leather covers. 

Visit us at 2125 Faithful Ave. in Saskatoon and try out our Max and Mike recliners. Don't miss out on the Stressless Instant Rebate Promo!

EQ3 Made in Canada Event is ON NOW!

The Made in Canada Event is on NOW at Palliser Rooms / EQ3 - Save 15% on EQ3 Upholstery & 10% on everything EQ3 until July 5th. Visit our showroom at 2125 Faithfull Ave. in Saskatoon, and try out some of our great, new EQ3 styles Made right here in Canada!

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Save 10% on all Palliser styles until June 5th, 2021 during Our Spring Makeover Event!

The "Spring Makeover Event" is on NOW at Palliser Rooms / EQ3! Save 10% on all Palliser styles until June 5th, 2021. We have many styles, covers & configurations that can be customized to fit your space perfectly. Let our Sales Consultants help you find the perfect furniture for your home during Our Spring Home Makeover Event.

Visit Our Showroom at 2125 Faithfull Ave. in Saskatoon.

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