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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

We have made the difficult decision to temporarily close our showroom due to the global situation surrounding COVID-19. The safety and well-being of our loyal customers and dedicated employees are our number one priority. To do our part in slowing the spread of COVID-19, we have decided to temporarily close our showroom effective immediately.

We are continuously reviewing the latest guidelines provided by the government to ensure that we are taking the best course of action for staff, customers and the business.

If you have a question relating to an order, we will be more than happy to help. ⁠ Please call us at 306-653-6000 (extension 1) or email or via our website:

Until our showroom re-opens, we’re looking forward to staying connected with you digitally. ⁠

Thank you to our community, customer and team members for your continued support. We’ll continue to keep you informed and updated. Please refer to our social media for any updates.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): We Remain Open & Are Committed to Keeping You Safe

As a local business, nothing is more important to us than the health and well-being of our community. We share your concern regarding the COVID-19 virus and want to outline the actions we have taken to keep our store open and maintain a safe shopping experience for our customers, as well as for our families and employees.

1. Keeping the store clean:

We already have a high standard of cleanliness but have added a series of precautionary steps, including increased sanitizing to prevent the spread of germs.

2. Proper hygiene:

We've posted multiple reminders to staff on proper hygiene and safety precautions

3. Social distancing:

The store is to be "handshake free" until further notice; employees are instructed to keep a safe distance and to wash their hands after every customer interaction.

4. Travel:

We are a local store and don't need to travel for business. We will however refrain from attending conventions or industry group meetings.

None of our employees have traveled abroad this year.

5. Self-monitoring:

Our employees have been instructed to self-monitor and to take sick leave if they don't feel well.

6. Online:

Our website can be an alternative to visiting the store. The vast majority of our products are listed online. Feel free to contact us online or by phone. Our associates will be happy to guide you through our product selection. Each of our products has an enquiry form below the product information where you can ask questions about the items. We can respond via phone or email to help you make your selections.

7. Home Delivery:

Delivery personnel are asked to keep a safe distance when making a delivery. They will sanitize their hands before and after each delivery.

As a safety measure, we will be contacting every customer prior to delivery. We will ask if anyone in the home is sick, or has just returned from travel, in which case we will make alternate arrangements.

Customers can opt to pick up at the warehouse or delay delivery.

Things are moving very quickly in this crisis and we are monitoring the situation daily. Any changes to the above measures will be promptly communicated to our staff and to you, our valued customer.

We look forward to seeing you in our store very soon and our entire team wishes to remind you once again that your well-being is of the utmost importance to us.

It is our experience that times of trouble are an opportunity for families and communities to strengthen the bonds that unite them. The COVID-19 outbreak is a trying event, and our hearts go out to anyone who is being affected.

- Palliser Rooms / EQ3 Management Team

Renovation Sale - Save up to 50% on Floor Models

Something big is coming! At Palliser Rooms / EQ3 we are going to be starting a renovation project to bring you one of the most exciting new galleries yet. In order to make room for our new galleries, we must clear out some incredible floor models from Palliser, Pinnacle and EQ3 - you won't see deals like this very often so don't miss out.

We want to highlight just a few of the great deals that we have on our showroom floor - but don't wait because they will be gone very quickly.

Alula Sectional by Palliser

Sale: $1,997   SAVE Over $2,000

Banff Sectional by Palliser

Sale: $4,999   SAVE Over $3,500

Callahan Sectional by Palliser

Sale: $4,497   SAVE Over $2,500

Kelowna Sectional by Palliser

Sale: $2,797   SAVE Over $2,000

Keoni Sofa & Wallhugger by Palliser

Sale: $3,397   SAVE Over $2,500

Rosebank Sofa & Loveseat by Palliser

Sale: $4,397   SAVE Over $2,750

Cello Sofa by EQ3

Sale: $1,647   SAVE Over $500

Oscar Sofa by EQ3

Sale: $1,497   SAVE Over $500

Remi Sofa & Chair by EQ3

Sofa - Sale: $1,797   SAVE Over $500

Chair - Sale: $697   SAVE Over $250

Salema Sectional by EQ3

Sale: $1,897   SAVE Over $500

Simple Queen Bed by EQ3

Sale: $1,847   SAVE Over $500

Archie Power Reclining Sofa by Pinnacle

Sale: $6,997   SAVE Over $2,500

Boulevard Sectional by Pinnacle

Sale: $5,797   SAVE Over $3,500

Breeze Sectional & Ottoman by Pinnacle

Sale: $6,597   SAVE Over $1,500

Float Power Reclining Sectional by Pinnacle

Sale: $6,497   SAVE Over $2,500

Luna Sectional by Pinnacle

Sale: $6,997   SAVE Over $4,000

M1 Power Reclining Sectional by Pinnacle

Sale: $6,757   SAVE Over $3,000

M4 Power Sofa & Wallhugger by Pinnacle

Sofa - Sale: $3,797   SAVE Over $2,000

Wallhugger - Sale: $2,097   SAVE Over $1,000

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